To assure your relaxed and safe stay in our resort, kindly get familiar with our code of practice. Please be noticed that by your reservation you acknowledge acceptance of our code of practice.
1. Persons staying in Villa Baltica resort are required to comply with these regulations, in particular, to behave in a way that does not endanger the safety of other people to follow the orders of the management and operation of the resort and the police and comply with the provisions of the Protection of Nature, Health, Safety and Fire Safety.
2. Villa Baltica hotel day lasts from 15:00 until 10:00 the next day, and the curfew hours from 23:00 to 7:00.
3. Persons staying in Villa Baltica are required to check-in. Check-in should be made immediately upon arrival. Children may only be checked-in together with an adult, and their stay at the resort is possible only under adult supervision.
4. Additional person might be accommodate in the apartment or cottage only after approval by the management of the resort and after completion of the formalities registration, and relevant payment.
5. Visitors can stay at the resort area from 8:00 to 23:00.
6. The fee for staying at the resort to be paid upon arrival at check-in. Refundable deposit 150 PLN per cottage/apartment to be paid on arrival.
7. Cancellation of part of your stay, late arrivals and early to leave the resort, due to no fault of the management center, does not entitle to a refund of duties paid for the stay. The total abandonment of residence is not entitled to reimbursement of paid deposit.
8. Payment of the deposit is equivalent to the acceptance of the booking conditions and regulations.
9. Price does not include local tax.
10. Villa Baltica Resort offers free car park. Each cottage/apartment has a guaranteed 1 parking space.
11. Villa Baltica has no legal nor material liability for damage or theft of cars left in the parking lot of the resort. However, for security parking is monitored by the resort.
12. The person who hires the house / apartment is required to check the condition of the equipment cabin. Confirmation of compliance with the inventory of equipment, and assume responsibility (individualy calculated) for deficiencies and material damage caused during use. People devastating equipment, furnishings, houses and their surroundings bear the liability for damages. Hirer, before leaving the resort, it is required to account for equipment cabin.
13. The Board of Villa Baltica Resort is not financially responsible for any items left unattended in the resort. The obligation to protect their belongings against theft and damage rests with their owners.
14. Before leaving the facility must clean the cottage, the area around the house and the amount of impurities in the garbage.
15. Smoking, lighting, bonfires and barbecues is possible only in places designated by the resort management with extreme caution and regulations Fire Safety
16. The cabins / apartments are strictly prohibit the use of open flames and smoking cigarettes. In case of fire or other emergency, persons staying at the resort should follow the posted instructions Fire-Plan.
17. Management of Villa Baltica agrees to stay in the cabins small pets with current vaccination with the prior consent of the service center. The animal on the property must be under the full control of the owner and must not interfere with or endanger the rest for the other campers.
18. For any contamination of land and materially damage caused by animals owned corresponds to its owner.
19. Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave the area of the resort. In case of refusal, the police transferred along with the referral to take legal proceedings in cases of misconduct.
20. For the matters, which are, not regulate by this code of practice, decides Villa Baltica Resort management.
21. Our guests are not provide with towels, hygiene and cleanliness. Guests shall assure themselves the availability of the above.